Niche Spotlight – Galactic Civilizations IV

Galactic Civilizations IV

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Galactic Civilizations IV, the latest installment in the beloved space 4X series by Stardock Entertainment.

In Galactic Civilizations IV, players will once again have a chance to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate their way across the known universe as one of over a dozen advanced spacefaring races. Multi-sector maps allow players to explore and conquer enormous maps divided into multiple systems, and improved Citizen mechanics make empire management deeper than ever as you manage the happiness of your colonists.

Micromanagement has been cut back with the introduction of Core Worlds in each system, meaning you no longer have to fiddle with each individual planet in a sector. As with past games, you can customize your Galactic Civilizations IV experience even further with in-depth ship and civilization editors.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Galactic Civilizations IV is available on Windows PC via the Epic Games Store for $49.99.

You can find the rundown (via the Epic Games Store) below:

Galactic Civilizations IV

Warfare. Planetary Conquest. Cultural Domination. Political Alliances. Technological Supremacy. How will you achieve victory?

Galactic Civilizations IV is a space-based 4X strategy game set in the 24th century. Humans have discovered faster-than-light travel, and aliens compete with humanity for dominion of the galaxy.

You begin the game with only your home planet and must research new technologies, explore the known galaxy, and colonize new worlds while keeping your people at home happy. At the same time, you will engage in trade, diplomacy, intrigue and war with other alien civilizations.

Galactic Civilizations IV builds on the successes of all its predecessors and adds so much more to the game. You will appoint leaders, explore star sectors, and enjoy a brand-new combat and invasion system. More in-depth research options, story driven missions, and a new 4-axis ideology system will fully immerse you into your role as a galactic leader.

Lead your civilization to prosperity and answer the age-old question: How Will You Rule Your Galaxy?


  • Explore the galaxy. Seek out new star systems and discover the exciting potential of the subspace realm.
  • Meet new civilizations. The universe is teeming with civilizations both advanced and primitive. Set opponents’ difficulty and technological advancement.
  • Colonize new worlds. Thousands of worlds to colonize, most awful but all colonizable…if you dare.
  • Discover new technologies. Invent new technologies, some are easier than others for your species to grasp.
  • Recruit and mentor citizens. Each citizen is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Shape your government. Determine which citizens to place in positions of power and what planets you wish to see governed while taking care not to be defeated in a coup.
  • Choose your destiny. Choose the type of civilization you want to be through your actions and choices.
  • Adventure awaits you. The galaxy has a rich, ancient history that you will discover through missions and events.
  • Challenge your friends in multiplayer. Engage in tense 1v1 stand-offs in Arena mode, pivot your playstyle to take on new challenges and achieve ever-changing goals in Agenda mode.

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