Niche Spotlight – Deep Rock Galactic: Like a Dwarven Version of Starship Troopers

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Ghost Ship Games are working on a truly interesting action-mining game called Deep Rock Galactic.

The easiest way to describe the game is like the bastard child of Starship Troopers and basically any kind of fiction involving dwarves. The game was revealed during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, however now they’re looking to run an open alpha this month. Featured above, you can view the game’s debut trailer.

If you’re into game that focus on mining, killing aliens, and bearded muscle-men, you’ll probably be interested in this game. It’s a voxel-based mining-shooter that lets you explore foreign planets and dig for treasures – the goal of pretty much any dwarf. The issue here is that as you dig, you’ll open up chasms filled with deadly aliens.

Teamwork is heavily emphasized for the game, as four-player cooperative mining and exploration is a big focus in the game. “Dig together or dig your own grave,” reads the games website. It continues by teasing the difficulty of the game:

“The sheer hostility of Hoxxes IV means anyone caught on their own will quickly be in trouble. As an interplanetary mining conglomerate, we depend on our employees to take care of each other. In other words, we won’t be there to hold your hand.”

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Deep Rock Galactic is a 4-player sci-fi co-op shooter taking place in procedurally generated and 100% destructible caves on an extremely hostile alien planet.
  • You play as a team of badass dwarven space miners, out to complete missions for your corporate overlords and to collect as much gold, gems, and other precious minerals as you possibly can before you’re overrun.
  • To complete your tasks, you’re equipped with a wide variety of severely hard-hitting weapons as well as a slew of hand gadgets. Set up turrets, call down supplies, build staircases up walls, or simply just drill your way to your objective – the choice is yours!

There’s still time to sign up for the Deep Rock Galactic open alpha, which is running from November 9th through the 12th. You can sign up over on the game’s official website.

A release window for Deep Rock Galactic is set for sometime next year for Windows 10 (and Steam Early Access) and Xbox One.

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