Niche Spotlight – Dap is like Pikmin Meets Princess Mononoke


Today’s Niche Spotlight is Dap, a horror adventure game about guiding fragile spirit beings by Melting Parrot.

The game sees players collect a small army of creatures called Daps and lead them through a corrupted world somewhere on the edge of reality and dreams.

Use your Daps to solve puzzles, help fend off sinister interdimensional horrors, and open portals between realities. Ascend to the spirit world to cultivate a bizarre garden between levels before setting out to rescue more Daps from a horrific fate. You can find a trailer below.

Dap is available on Windows PC via Steam for $13.99.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

In Dap, you must guide a group of tiny ‘Daps’ through a hostile and corrupted world. Something has descended onto the forest – something incomprehensible, sinister, slithering in from a crack in reality. It’s up to you to get everybody home.

Explore a lushly atmospheric pixelated world, guiding your Daps through a permeable realm on the border between dreaming and waking. Encounter otherworldly horrors, interdimensional entities, and gods that have no business being worshipped.

Band together to solve puzzles and fight off hellish threats. The more Daps you gather, the stronger the pack will become, but beware: Daps are not immune to infection. Linger too long in the wrong place and the pack will turn on itself, with horrific consequences.

Ascend to the spirit world and tend your garden there, taking a much needed break between levels. Meanwhile down on the ground, you’ll need to scavenge and craft in order to survive. Use every resource available to survive an existential ordeal.

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