Niche Spotlight – Captain Forever Trilogy: Modular and Haphazard Spaceship Action

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Today’s Spotlight is going to focus on Captain Forever Trilogy, a remastered collection of Jarred “Farbs” Woods’ cult series of space shooters.

The Captain Forever series is about building crazy spaceships on the fly. Each ship is constructed out of a huge number of modular bits and pieces, and constructing your ship is done in real time, without the use of a separate editor screen.

Blow your enemies apart and attach their guns, armor, and engines to your own vessel. The game also has a fairly advanced physics engine, so you’ll have to put some thought into your design before just randomly slapping guns onto your ship. You can check out the launch trailer above.

This re-release collects Captain Forever, Captain Successor, and Captain Impostor in one convenient place. All three games have been enhanced with a new renderer, tons of new modules to play with, completely redone audio, and rewritten story and dialog by Cassandra Khaw.

You can grab Captain Forever Trilogy on Windows PC via Steam for $9.99. It’s also currently 20% off until October 8th.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Build. Fly. Build. Shoot. Build.

In Captain Forever you build spaceships while you are flying them. There’s no cumbersome editor. Just blast an enemy ship apart, grab a piece with your mouse, and bolt it to your ship. Done. What’s more, everything is physically simulated so ship design has a huge impact on flight characteristics and combat capability.

All Three Games.

Captain Forever Trilogy includes the games Captain Forever, Captain Successor, and Captain Impostor. Forever is the original, award winning game. It’s vanilla. Successor adds tons of new modules and ship types. It’s a whole ice-cream shop. Impostor blows the formula apart by allowing you to instantly clone any of the game’s enormous, fantastical ships. It’s an all in ice-cream shop food fight.

Better Than Ever.

With its brand new renderer, Trilogy is faster, slicker, and shinier than ever. What’s more, the new wing shaped modules massively increase the scope for cool looking ships and thoughtful design. New audio has been added, and best of all, acclaimed novelist Cassandra Khaw has pored over every line of text in the game, rewriting most and adding many more. The Captain Forever universe is now exactly that – a universe. And it’s all here in Captain Forever Trilogy.

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