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Boomerang X

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Boomerang X, a fast-paced shooter by DANG! and Devolver Digital.

Fight hordes of nightmare creatures through the ruins of a fallen civilization with the help of your mystical boomerang. Not only does your bladed throwing weapon kill enemies, but you can teleport to its location when its thrown. Use this ability to fly through the air, dodge attacks, and reposition during battles to get an edge on your enemies.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Boomerang X is available on Windows PC (via GOG and Steam), and Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review here.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Reaving through hordes of nightmares isn’t the only thing your boomerang is good for: once thrown, you can slingshot directly to it, preserving momentum and throwing yourself through the air. Slow down time and use well-aimed and well-timed throws to get around, above, and behind your foes. Speed is everything, and only the nimblest boomerang-er will survive…

Fight otherworldly forces and look cool doing it. Impress the boomerang with stylish tricks and it’ll grant you stranger powers — powers that’ll let you defeat the forces of the depths with greater ease. Kaspidae smiles upon you and your killer moves…

They creep and crawl from crevices… swoop and dive from the treetops… and spray nasty bile at you from all angles. Keep your wits about you – nowhere is safe. Whatever you do, don’t stand still, or you’ll surely be consumed…

Fight your way through the bowels of ruined civilization undone by these creatures of nightmare and stop them spreading to the rest of your world. Something lurks deep underneath these ruined halls, spewing corruption… can you defeat whatever it is? And even if you can… will that really be the end?

Millipede friend.

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