Niche Games Spotlight – Bomber’s Run: A Throwback Arcade-y Blast

Bomber's Run

Indie developer Melvin Samuel has released a throwback platformer-action game named simply Bomber’s Run.

Players take control of the magical, curious Bomber creature and set about jumping, dodging, stomping, and bombing your way through various levels in the arcade-y game. The game was built within the PICO-8 fantasy console in roughly a month, and is now available for Windows and Mac.

As per the more simplistic nature of this game in its imitation from arcade classics, there isn’t really much more to go off than that. You’ll have to time your jumping abilities just right as you progress through dozens of levels.

You can play the basic version of Bomber’s Run entirely free within your browser, however if you want the offline version plus the new lost levels, you need to pony up with $2. To check out either, head on over to its official website.

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