Niche Games Spotlight – The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is a bullet hell typing game, developed by MorbidWare.

No, you didn’t read it wrong, somehow, these two genres work great together.

The player is put in the shoes of Ray Bibbia, a priest who walked away from the church and now works as a private exorcist.

Bibbia is armed with his trusty bible and the word of the lord, which he uses to blow miscreants up.

The Textorcist is an insane game of focus, as you need to constantly look at the phrase you need to write while also dodging a barrage of attacks.

The game is a real test of typing skill and features some really funny dialogue, as Ray is completely fed up with everything all of the time.

Bibbia goes up against a possessed girl, who eventually becomes his maid, a gangster boss who tosses explosives at you in the middle of a dance floor, and a vegan death metal band.

The Textorcist knows exactly how stupid the premise of a priest blowing people up with his words is, and plays into it as much as possible.

The game features controller support, but I can’t really recommend it game like that, as the novelty of typing is mostly gone when played that way.

It features a co-op mode as well, where one person walks and the other types, but that also trivializes the challenge.

Far away from me to be the gaming police, but I believe the game is best played solo and with a keyboard, for the fullest experience.

That said, it’s still very nice of the developers to accommodate a controller playstyle in a game that is seemingly impossible to play with a controller, so props to them.

The Textorcist is a fun experience for people who are tired of effortlessly going through regular typing games and want a real challenge

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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