Niche Games Spotlight – Town of Salem 2

Town of Salem 2

Most everyone has at least heard of Town of Salem or a similar game to it. The Werewolf Game? Mafia?

It’s a basic party game, a few players are given “Evil” roles and their goal is to destroy the town. In the classic Mafia game it’s a team of Evils all working together against a town who isn’t sure who the Mafia are.

Town of Salem uses the benefit of online gameplay to take things much further with more interesting roles and multiple Evil factions who might even be working against one another.

You can check out the announcement trailer below:

At the start of the game, players are assigned a role and faction:

  • The Coven: A cabal of witches, members of the Coven all know who one another are.
  • The Town: Members of the town who have to kill the Coven and any “Neutral Evils” who also want to destroy the town.
  • Neutral Evil: These are a mish-mash of mischief makers who have goals ranging from “trick the town into hanging you”“hang someone in particular”, or even “guess two peoples roles correctly, killing them”. They spice up a game and don’t necessarily need to side with the Coven to win, despite being “Evil”.

Town members have a variety of roles at their disposal to help discover who the evils are, or failing that they can confirm themselves by using information only a Town member of their claimed role would have.

Combine this game of proving oneself and lying with a “role list” and you’ve got what made the original Town of Salem. The game becomes one of social deduction, lying, and strategy.

Town of Salem 2 takes what makes the first game great with some added polish. It’s worth mentioning that the game does feature a cash shop for some cosmetic items like character avatars, maps, and houses but many of them can be earned with the free currency by playing.

Town of Salem 2 is available now on PC (via Steam) as an Early Access title.



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