Niche Games Spotlight – Tagline


Make a bland monochromatic metropolis more colorful in the funky upcoming parkour simulator Tagline.

In Tagline, the player can absorb graffiti tags, which give you different powers depending on the colors, making for a really fun parkour experience that is similar to Neon White in some ways.

You can read more about the game below:

A lightning fast, graffiti based shooter set in a funky, hip-hop metropolis! Explore open levels and master dynamic, movement based weapons. Build your reputation and liberate the city through varied challenges: from parkour trails to basketball shootouts!

The A.V.A.F (anti-vandal-attack-force) has plans to clean up this city by wiping away the graffiti that coats the streets. This municipal force won’t hesitate to flush out the filth along with your new crew. It’s time to make a mess.

TAGLINE is a lightning fast graffiti-based shooter with a unique weapon swapping mechanic: Switch powers on the fly by snatching tags off the walls of a funky-futurist metropolis!

Help a cast of hand animated characters fight back against the A.V.A.F by taking on challenges across open level city districts. Compete in an assortment of score based challenges to prove yourself and upgrade your skills!

  • A retro FPS with a new style: Funky 2D animations and particles clash with an oppressive 3D world, while deep mechanics and fluid movement bring a fresh feel to the genre.
  • No nonsense gameplay: Quick switch powers on the fly without worrying about ammo, simple controls mean TAGLINE is easy to learn and difficult to master!
  • The Sky is the Limit: Progress through a handcrafted world featuring open playgrounds, each with their own missions and secrets to discover!
  • 5 powerful skills: Ride explosions, scale buildings, and fly through the air with 5 unique weapons. Each with their own upgrades, dynamic uses, and synergies!
  • Fill your black book: Hunt down 100+ unique graffiti designs and chronicle the history of the TAGGERS, a group of street artists lost to time.

Tagline is a very rewarding parkour game, but can be really difficult for those unfamiliar with the more demanding style of gameplay. It’s definitely easy to pick up, but there’s a lot of hidden tech to be discovered in it. You can try the game’s demo out right now.

Tagline is set to release October 5, 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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