Niche Games Spotlight – Somnipathy


Overcome your nightmares, sleep paralysis and night terrors in Somnipathy.

Somnipathy is an abstract horror point-and-click game where you have to prepare for different sleep ailments every day.

You can read more about the game below:

Somnipathy promises a blend of point-and-click action, narrative interaction, and subtly implemented rogue-lite mechanics that will thrill any fan of the point-and-click genre who also enjoys slow burn psychological and story-driven horror. The debut title from Tearcell Games, it arrives on PC via Steam on September 12th.
You play as Aggy, a somewhat ordinary young woman just trying to keep afloat in an indifferent world, whose life has suddenly become host to the things that stop one from sleeping…

“Stay still and I will reach you. Run and I will still reach you. I am outside of your door and beyond every horizon. You will remember who I am and you will come to me.”

Each night point-and-click Aggy through Somnipathy – a creepy and surreal dungeon crawling thriller -while utilizing each day to prepare. If you fail, there’s always tomorrow… right?

When I’m at work and when I’m at rest, it watches my every move. I need your help to survive this. They. Are. Everywhere…

Use every day to prepare for the night. Go to your job, talk to people, buy gear, and explore the world you take for granted
Every night the enemy returns – avoid monsters, solve puzzles, and go a little further than the night before

I feel like I could collapse at any moment…do I have what it takes to be relentless? By day, I must prepare. Guide me to solve these doubts that bind me.

Outsmart your pursuer – tireless and relentless, you’ll need every trick in the book to defeat them
Tackle strange and vicious bosses, whose forms defy reality

I know I can’t be the only one yearning to do more with life. Though I feel invisible at work and uncertain of tomorrow, who else is out there? Help me gain strength to endure these obstacles.

Make connections with those around you, no matter how monstrous they seem
Play Score attack mode. How long can you withstand sleeplessness? Be the very best… In. The. World!
Dive into the twisted world of Somnipathy


  • Compelling main story, courtesy of award-winning lead writer James Thomasos (“The Last One to Speak”, Rusty Fears 6)
  • Soundtrack design in part by composer Mark Benis (Everybody Wham Wham, Lamplight City, Rosewater)
  • Art design that combines pixel art with hand-drawn cutscenes and character portraits during dialogue
  • Multiple endings, side quests, and side stories to be explored in Story Mode
  • A plethora of unique encounters and puzzles to solve within Story Mode, whilst avoiding and combating the enemies Aggy’s nightmares are made of
  • Score Mode, based upon the gameplay from the Ludum Dare 50 jam entry that was the original conceptualization for Somnipathy

Much like in the Persona series, Somnipathy has you spending your days talking to people, buying gear, and exploring the world, while the nights are reserved for dungeon-crawling and puzzle-solving.

Somnipathy is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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