Niche Games Spotlight – Rounds


Rounds is a multiplayer shooting game with short and fast rounds and usually only takes a few minutes to play a single game.

Players start off on even footing with their little dude and a pea shooter. After each round, the losing player gets to select an upgrade to their weapon. Skilled players can capitalize on a lead with weaker weapons or find overpowered combos thanks to the luck of the draw.

Homing bullets? Bullets that ricochet or explode? Bullets that drain health? Rounds claims to have over 11 million power combinations (which probably tracks since you can have approximately half a dozen cards in an evenly matched game).

You can check out the trailer for Rounds below.

Wave your noodle arms around to assert dominance!

Experience hype-filled dueling! Shoot, block, and jump your way to victory with your shotgun-rocket-launcher-that-shoots-heat-seeking-bouncy-missiles or one of the other over 11.2 million different powerup combinations.


  • 65+ Unique powerups
  • 70+ Maps
  • AAA Face Customizer
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Local Multiplayer
  • Twitch based matchmaking
  • 100% organic Noodle Arms

Rounds is available now on Windows PC (via Steam).

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