Niche Games Spotlight – Metropolis 1998

Metropolis 1998

Metropolis 1998 is an upcoming city builder game that brings back a classic feel with the benefits of modern technology.

It’s actually a pretty novel concept, older graphical styles and systems were more optimized and easier on systems, so with today’s technology we should be able to run them on a scale undreamed of in the 1990sMetropolis 1998 takes the question “what if we made an old school game but it was more?” and brings it to life.

There’s not an official trailer yet, but you can check out the level of detail in this showcase of the game’s isometric view inside buildings.

Metropolis 1998 is a fresh take on simulation games from the 90s and 00s while applying modern-day features to the city builder genre. As the player, you will be able to see inside of your citizens homes, featuring two different camera modes: classic isometric and top down. Demand is no longer zone based, but driven by your citizens specific needs. As the mayor, you’ll be able to set aside land and designate where specific businesses can open up their doors.

The game features:

  • State of the art traffic simulation, capable of pathing around 100,000+ people/vehicles. No more CPU death! (at least, for a very long time)
  • Granular demand based on the summation of your citizens needs
  • A true 2D isometric game engine (with pixel art assets)
  • Complex simulation of the citizens. They will go to work, sleep, relax, eat, and more!

Metropolis 1998 is “coming soon” to Windows PC (via Steam).



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