Niche Games Spotlight: CRUDE – finally a meathead isekai soulslike


Indie developer Next Game Level is working on CRUDE, an isekai action-platformer with hilariously over the top designs.

CRUDE is being made by a lone developer named Mario, with active development diaries posted regularly on his YouTube and will release for Windows PC (via Steam) on December 22nd, 2023.

The game’s protagonist, KOSMOS, and virtually everything in it have larger-than-life proportions that all set the mood for its dark fantasy world. KOSMOS has to defeat the big bad and find a way back to NYC.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its latest trailer:

You are KOSMOS, an MMA fighter from New York who suddenly has been teleported into a dark and mercyless fantasy world.

You are trapped in a cruel world, and the only way to go back to your own world is to reach the towers of Doom, defeat the evil guardian of Crude and use his magic book to open a portal to return home.

Solve quests, gather badass weapons, kill huge enemies and use magic items to survive in the universe of CRUDE.

CRUDE is a soul-like, dark fantasy platformer. It contains metroidvania elements & an open world map.


  • Open world platformer
  • Many weapons
  • Special Quests
  • Partial destructible environment
  • Magic spells

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