Niche Gamer Patreon March 2015 Update

Hey, Niche Gamer Nation. This is our March 2015 Patreon update, courtesy of yours truly.

So we hired a translator, Claude Smith. We made roughly $300 (this is after the hosting costs are taken out automatically, which are roughly 20-30$ a month, typically), so we have to be careful with how we spend our money. The spending for the month of march essentially broke down like this:

  • $100 to Claude Smith for translating
  • $100 to taxi/cab transportation for me at GDC, to and from the airport and my hotel
  • $60 for a review copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
  • $50 for a new Mika design (that is still being worked on)

We’re still working on other things as mentioned in the video, so please keep up to date with our new developments. I just got approved for an E3 press badge today, so we’ll be ramping up preparation for that convention and all the coverage we’ll be trying to do, so please stay tuned!

We hide nothing from you guys, and without your support, we couldn’t have gotten as big as we are today. If you haven’t already considered funding us on Patreon (or even a one-time donation), please visit our donation page.



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