Niche Gamer Community Game of the Year Awards 2021

Game of the Year Awards 2021

We are announcing the fifth annual Niche Gamer Community Game of the Year Awards 2021 are now open!

We’ve slightly rebranded our annual community GOTY poll to a full-fledged awards event. To be more fair for games of all scope/scale, we’ve also retired “Indie Game of the Year” in lieu of combining all worthy games into one category, from the tiniest indie to the biggest AAA game. We’ve also expanded the polling into numerous sub-genres and categories.

The Niche Gamer Community GOTY Awards 2021 categories include:

  • Game of the Year 2021
  • Best RPG
  • Best Action Game
  • Best Adventure Game
  • Best Shooter Game
  • Best Puzzle / Platformer Game
  • Best Horror Game
  • Best Strategy Game
  • Best Racing Game
  • Best Port/Remake
  • Most Anticipated Game

Without further ado, you can find our full Game of the Year Awards 2021 below! Once you vote, it will automatically go to the next category.

[socialpoll id=”2171682″ type=”set”]

The Community Game of the Year Awards 2021 will run until the end of January 2022, and we will reveal the community GOTY results soon after, alongside our own staff GOTY picks.

Who are you voting for, and why? Are there games you wish we included on the list? (Editor’s Note: we can add games if there is enough demand). Sound off in the comments below!


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