NicheCast – Episode 02


So you’re a regular visitor at Niche Gamer? The obscure games, the niche games, the weird games, whatever you want to call them, we love them and we know that you love them as well. We only cover these games on our regular feed, and we only cover them on our podcast as well.

We rushed to get our second podcast ready before the Memorial Day weekend has concluded tomorrow, so without further ado, you can enjoy our podcast below, or you can download it here (right click and save as). We think you’ll be much happier with the quality of our podcast now, as we have most, if not all of the kinks ironed out in our production.

The topic of the week for episode 02 is a popular question many gamers and games journalists are asking these days – should the game industry attempt to “move forward?” Is developing a game just to be “fun,” just for fun’s sake, still ok in this day and age? Can games be considered art? Can’t we just have both simply fun games, and those deep, adult experiences?

The songs featured on episode 02 are Goofy Ska (from Faxanadu) by OCRemixer Electron, which you can view and download here. Lastly, we have an Aerith’s Theme remix from the first SQ Chips album – a remix by Yoshino Yoshikawa that managed to take a mournful, longing tune and make it into a crazy inspiring dance tune! You can listen to a sample of it here.

Again, we hope all of our readers have a wonderful Memorial Day, we give thanks to all of the former and current members of our military, and please let us know what you guys think!!!

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