Niche Early Access – Eternal Radiance, Endzone – A World Apart, and More

Eternal Radiace

I’m back with another batch of Early Access release highlights. As always, even if you don’t like buying titles that are still in Early Access, remember to wishlist any games that catch your attention so you’ll be notified when they get a full release.

Here are five Early Access games that might be worth checking out:

Developer: MoaCube
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac
Price: $17.99 (Price will increase)


First up this week is Bonfire, a tactical roguelite RPG set in an cute yet unforgiving world. Guide Hildie and her allies on their quest to defeat the Faceless Overlord, and save what little is left of the world.

The game’s battles are designed to play more like a puzzle, with an emphasis on resource management and combos. Build synergies that amplify the strengths of your characters to overcome seemingly impossible odds.

Bonfire will stay in Early Access for at least six months.


Endzone – A World Apart
Developer: Gentlymad Studios
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment, WhisperGames
Platform: Windows PC
Price: $23.99 (Price will increase)

Endzone - A World Apart

Endzone – A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic city building game set 150 years after a global nuclear disaster. Lead the last remnants of humanity as you try to rebuild civilization by scavenging for scraps from the ruins of the past.

Endure the harsh weather of a post-nuclear world, including radioactive fallout, toxic rain, and crippling droughts. Send out expeditions to find useful resources and materials as you gradually expand your ramshackle settlement.

Endzone – A World Apart will be in Early Access for at least six months.


Eternal Radiance
Developer: Visualnoveler
Platform: Windows PC
Price: $17.99 (Price will increase)

Eternal Radiance

Eternal Radiance is an action-RPG that follows Celeste, a squire that wishes to prove herself capable of becoming a full knight. On her journey, she befriends two other novice adventurers, Valana and Ruby, and together the trio stumble upon a sinister plot.

Explore towns, the wilderness, and forgotten dungeons as the three girls learn more about the history of their world, form lasting bonds, and grow into accomplished heroes.

Eternal Radiance will be in Early Access for around a year.


Developer: Baseline Games
Platform: Windows PC
Price: $8.99 (Price will increase)


Nira is a procedurally generated survival crafting game that can be played alone, or with up to three friends in local co-op. Start with nothing and begin gathering resources so you can build shelter, feed yourself, and defend against the goblins and ogres that come out at night.

While you start with primitive tools, you’ll eventually be able to build up to guns, airplanes, and other more modern equipment.

Nira will remain in Early Access for between 6 to 12 months.


Godking: Master of Rituals
Developer: Sensiga
Platform: Windows PC
Price: $39.99

Godking: Master of Rituals

Finally, we come to Godking: Master of Rituals, a fantasy 4X loosely inspired by the Conquest of Elysium and Dominions franchises. Choose from one of six playable factions and seven unique god-like incarnations that can be mixed and matched however you like.

Explore and conquer procedurally generated worlds full of randomized holdings, legendary treasures, and wandering monsters. Combat is automated, focusing more on your pre-battle plans and maneuvering over micromanagement within the battle itself.

Godking: Master of Rituals will be in Early Access for at least three months, and possibly longer.

Which of these games are you interested in? Are you playing any recent Early Access releases that we missed? Tell us more in the comments below!

This is Niche Early Access. In this column, we regularly showcase various promising games that are currently in some form of early access or development, and haven’t reached full release. Please let us know if there’s a game you want us to showcase!

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