Next Major Sonic the Hedgehog Game in Production

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Panel at SXSW revealed a lot of info about the upcoming Team Sonic Racing. There was reportedly a brief mention of a new “major” Sonic the Hedgehog title in development however.

Sonic Team Head Takashi Iizuka revealed at the end of the panel that work had started on the next major Sonic the Hedgehog title. However, he then stated Sega would show off more about the game in the future; revealing nothing else during that panel.

Are you excited for another Sonic game? Are you hoping it’s 2D like Sonic Mania, or 3D like Sonic Forces? Sound off in the comments below!

Ryan Pearson


Taking his first steps onto Route 1 and never stopping, Ryan has had a love of RPGs since a young age. Now he's learning to appreciate a wider pallet of genres and challenges.

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