News host mocks first person to beat Tetris: “Get some fresh air”

Tetris Blue Scuti

A news host is under fire for her condescending comments while covering the first person to ever beat Tetris by reaching the kill screen.

Willis Gibson, a 13 year old boy from Oklahoma managed to “beat” Tetris on the NES. This is done by reaching what’s called a “kill screen”, a point where due to data overflow or some programming quirk, the game crashes instead of proceeding normally.

Jayne Secker from Sky News, was less impressed by this world first achievement over 30 years in the making. You can check out the clip for yourself below.

VGC journalist Chris Scullion also pointed out the irony that in the same day Sky News anchors praised a 16-year-old darts player, drawing parallels between how one talented youth is condescended to and another praised for similar feats.

Gibson, known online as Blue Scuti posted his world-first achievement on his YouTube channel which you can find here.


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