New World winter event 2022 is currently underway

New World

New World is celebrating its second Winter Convergence Festival with dye packs, decorations and more.

Players who stuck around with New World can look forward to free holiday items, a world boss, store items and holiday decorations.

The update also features what seems to be the most bizarre event reward in the game, the Bile Bomb Heartrune unlocks the ability to projectile vomit as an attack, it reduces enemy healing and poisons groups of enemies, also doing damage-over-time.

The Winter Convergence Festival is shaping up to be a pretty rewarding holiday event, despite the whole vomiting thing. The festival is set to run from December 6th, 2022, to January 10th, 2022. Here’s more:

The new event brings a host of new items, though some will also only be available for a time, which should maintain the interest of players throughout the whole month in case they want anything specific.

The free items will also only be available for specific periods of time, you can read more about their availability below:

New World Winter Convergence Festival 2022

The following selection of items will be available until January 5. Claim them for free through the in-game store:

  • Solstice Gun – Musket Skin

  • Convergence Poinsettia – Housing Item

  • Convergence Mistletoe – Housing Item

  • Hunter’s Festive Trampers

  • Hunter’s Festive Gloves

  • Hunters Festive Furs

The following selection of items will be available on December 20 until January 5. Claim them for free through the in-game store:

  • Hoarfrost Iron Sword – Longsword Skin

  • Convergence Wreath

  • Hunter’s Festive Hood

  • Hunter’s Festive Coat

The event also brings items from the previous Winter Convergence Festival, giving an opportunity to acquire holiday-themed items to players who are new to the game or just happened to miss the previous event.

New World had an extremely popular launch, sitting at Steam’s top selling list for two consecutive weeks before experiencing a disastrous fall from grace due to too many problems to list, some of which we covered.

Despite those hangups, New World continues to receive events and updates and usually averages between 30 to 50 thousand concurrent players. This is a respectable number, especially for a game that gained a bad reputation very fast.

New World is now available on Windows PC via Steam. In case you missed it, you can find our review here.



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