New World Queue Time Guide

New World queue time guide

In any MMORPG, there can be long queue times, especially if the game releases new content, an expansion, or if the game is brand new. New World is no exception unfortunately as queue times have been notoriously bad at launch. This New World queue time guide will explain the best ways to get around long queue times and what to avoid when choosing a server.

What are Queue Times and What Causes Them?

Essentially, queue times are your turn in the virtual queue. Overloaded servers cause the actual queue times, along with the servers that Amazon has purchased. There can only be a limited amount of players playing at a single time on any server, if it exceeds that, you must wait till another player logs out of that server to begin playing.

Amazon did not account for the sheer number of players wanting to play New World on its release and, as such, did not prepare large enough servers to account for it. As a result of this poor planning, players pay the price of waiting in sometimes hour-long queues. Today we will learn to navigate this issue by planning log-in times, looking for correct servers, and planning.

How Long Are The Queue Times?

To give the short answer, it can vary. Each server houses a different amount of players and, because of this, has other queue times. Some people have reported waiting up to 6 hours to log in. At that point, waiting 6 hours to play a game is just not worth it. Most people just wan to log in for an hour anyway.

On average, most queue times in New World can be upwards of 20 to 30 minutes to just log in. 30 minutes may be acceptable for some, but for others, it’s the only time of the day they can play the game and waiting in a queue is just not fair.

What to Avoid – Picking the Wrong Server

  • Highly Populated Servers – When you first set up your account and get started in New World, you will be prompted to choose a world server to play on. Most people choose a server with their friends and that’s that, but if you are playing alone or are the one leading your group into a server, make sure to choose a server that is not highly populated. When you are prompted to select a server, check the population rates of that server before clicking. Once you have chosen a server, it is not easy to swap servers again. You will have to buy a realm changer, which can lead to a longer wait to have support help you with this, and will cost you extra money. So, make sure to choose right the first time.
  • Low Populated Servers – You also don’t want to take a server with too little population, as finding groups for quests, dungeons, and world PVP will be challenging. Having no queue times is great, but having no one to play with isn’t. Who wants to do open-world PVP when there is no one new to fight or anyone to fight at all? So be careful when choosing a server. We recommend choosing a server that has a medium population. You can also see the number of players on a server on the same screen to select your realm.

When to Log In

Just like when you want to go to the department of motor vehicles or the shopping mall, you want to go when it’s less busy. Shopping malls and social service locations can get busy, but there are times when you can just walk right through the process. Finding the right time to log into New World is what we want to see.

Think about this logically, if most of the population is on at night or late afternoon, try logging in before then or afterwards. We understand that this step is not for everyone, as people have jobs and can only log in at certain times, but if at all possible try logging in before 5 PM local time. 5 PM seems to be the highest traffic time for most MMOs.

Don’t Idle Too Long

Logging in early was excellent, you only had to wait 2 minutes, and you’re in the game. You decide “Ok let me get some work done on the side” and end up taking an hour – only to get logged off the game for idling too long. Boom, you’re back in the hour long queue and don’t have the energy to wait that long. What we’re saying here is if you got in, remember to move your character a little to make sure you don’t get logged out again until you can sit down and play.

Finding a Server That Works For You

If you’re the type of player that can only get on after work or in the evenings, try looking for a server that can accommodate this. Some servers have a lower population count in the evenings and can make it easier for you to log in. Many servers accommodate your schedule as schooling allows for weird times to log in, if you’re a student. The point of this is to do some research by looking at the world selection screen to see if servers are highly populated when you can play.

Pass the Time

We recommend checking out some other guides or passing your time in whatever way you see fit while you wait in a queue. Sometimes, it’s best to just log in and go get a cup of coffee. With the servers losing people at quite an alarming rate, most servers will have reduced queue times and eventually no queue times. This is both a positive and a negative as losing players harms the overall wellbeing of the community.


Now that you’ve read our New World queue time guide and you’re now waiting in queue, why not check out our guides? We have some fantastic new tips and tricks and crafting guides for you to read while in the queue. Check out some amazing deals for both character boosts and New World gold exchanges. Happy hunting!

New World is available on Windows PC via Steam. In case you missed it, you can find our review here.



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