New Trailer for Battlerite Royale, New Maps for Original Game

Stunlock Studios has released a new trailer for Battlerite Royale ahead of it’s Steam Early Access release on the 26th.

The trailer, as seen above, shows off more gameplay, including some sort of power-up that allows you to turn into a massive werewolf. Royale is a stand-alone spin-off of Stunlock’s arena combat MOBA Battlerite, which exited Early Access last year.

Battlerite Royale takes the same core gameplay as the original and places it on an open world Battle Royale map littered with consumable items and power-ups players can collect. Battlerite Royale might be only a few days away, but that doesn’t mean that Stunlock is completely abandoning the original game, which has been rebranded to Battlerite Arena.

recent patch has added three new maps to the game: Daharin Battlegrounds, Misty Woods, and Meriko Summit. Each map has a day and night variation with subtle differences. The patch also made some tweaks to item rarity and the UI.

The original Battlerite is free-to-play on Windows PC via Steam. Battlerite Royale will cost $19.99 during its Early Access period and include exclusive cosmetic items for both games before transitioning to a similar free-to-play model.

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