New Trailer for Age of Wonders: Planetfall Shows Off Freaky Bug People

Triumph Studios and Paradox Interactive have released a second faction focus trailer for the upcoming sci-fi 4X game, Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

This time the developers have showcased the Kir’Ko, a race of insectoid aliens that have been freed from slavery following the collapse of the human-dominated Star Union. The Kir’Ko are primarily a melee-focused army that deliver their troops with the help of Swarm Shield, a passive buff that is active as long as their units are adjacent to each other.

The Kir’Ko also have incredible natural regenerative capabilities and the ability to evolve to suit a variety of situations. This is exemplified in their larva, weak units that gradually transform into powerful specialists if they can survive long enough. You can check out the full faction focus trailer above.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the new strategy game from Triumph Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Age of Wonders and Overlord series, bringing all the exciting tactical-turn based combat and in-depth 4X empire building of its predecessors to space in an all-new sci-fi setting.

Emerge from the cosmic dark age of a fallen galactic empire to craft a new future for your people. Explore the planetary ruins and encounter other surviving factions that have each evolved in their own way, as you unravel the history of a shattered civilization. Fight, build, negotiate and technologically advance your way to utopia, in a deep single player campaign, on random maps and against friends in multiplayer.

Key Features:

  • Tactical Turn-Based Sci-Fi Combat
    Perfect your combat strategy in intense turn-based battles that offer tactical challenges, a large cast of races, units with customizable weapons, and destructible environments.
  • Discover a Rich Science Fiction World
    Uncover the history of the fallen galactic empire as you explore lush landscapes, and experience the emergent story. Encounter NPC factions and rival houses, and discover hidden technologies that can strengthen your society and give you advantage over enemies.
  • Planetary Empire Building
    Create your own unique House, and build prosperous colonies through economic specializations of planetary sectors and governing doctrines.
  • Multiple Paths to Victory
    Achieve your end goals through conquest, diplomacy or doomsday technologies. Engrossing options with NPC factions and rival Houses won’t make the decisions easy!

Age of Wonders: Planetfall will be arriving sometime next year for Windows PC.

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