New Trailer and Info on void tRrLM (); //Void Terrarium

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Nippon Ichi Software have revealed a new trainer and more information on void tRrLM (); //Void Terrarium.

Revealed back in September 2019, this roguelike RPG has you playing as a small robot helping feed and protect a young girl in a terrarium, from an outside world full of toxic fungi.

You can find all the new information rundown below:

Civilization has perished and the world is in ruins, covered in toxic fungi.

In the corner of the ruins, there was once a factory.

A single robot awakens in a scrap yard.

After roaming around the ruins, the robot discovers a lone girl named Toriko, who is sleeping and covered in fungi.

A girl who is still young, and weak.

The girl appears to have been contaminated, and has mushrooms growing on her body. The robot helps the weakened Toriko, and decides to take care of her.

However, this world in ruins isn’t a suitable environment for the girl to survive. In order to protect her, you must create an environment with an isolated “Terrarium” for her to continue living.


A girl who somehow stayed alive on her own in a world where civilization has been ruined for several hundred years. Since she can’t live in a world contaminated by toxic fungi, she lives in an environment called “Terrarium” where she has the robot take care of her.

Robot (Care Robot)

A robot that was discarded in a scrap yard but somehow rises and moves on its own. While wandering the ruins, it encounters Toriko covered in mushrooms. It appears to be a machine that was once used as a household robot.

In order to protect Toriko, you’ll play as the robot and explore the world in ruins. Since Toriko doesn’t have the power to live on her own, you must collect food and take care of her daily needs.

The world has been neglected for several hundred years, “machines” continued to self-evolve on their own after the destruction of mankind, and there are “strange creatures” that mutated from fungi contamination.

In this polluted world, even breathing could take away the life of the defenseless Toriko. Hunger, fungi contamination, unknown diseases are some of the hardships that await. You must maintain the “Terrarium” in which the girl can live with ease.

Toriko is bottled in the Terrarium. It protects her from the contaminated environment, but she’s lonely when the robot goes out to explore.

You’ll need to find food for Toriko to eat, and improve on the Terrarium.

While Toriko is protected in the Terrarium, it doesn’t guarantee her safety. Contaminated items can hurt her body or make her catch a cold and such. The above image appears to show some kind of meat…

void tRrLM (); //Void Terrarium launches January 23rd, 2020 in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.



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