New Temple + Mod For Temple Of Elemental Evil Released

If you remember, we reported on a new mod for Troika’s popular, though much-maligned Temple of Elemental Evil late last year that was intended to bring the game’s engine up to modern standards. Though it missed its original January release date, it finally hit Mod DB this month.

Having played through a good portion of Temple of Elemental Evil with the new mod, I can personally say that the changes are both numerous and impressive. User interface improvements, graphical improvements, and a huge jump in stability and framerate can be expected once you install Temple+, which goes a long way towards taming the game’s notoriously problematic engine. Proof is in the above-linked video, which “ToEE” fans will notice is uncharacteristically smooth and visually sharp.

A very welcome feature is the fact that the mod will automatically check for and install all patches and updates to itself when you run the game, keeping the modification up-to-date without having to manually search for new versions.

You can download the mod directly from Mod DB and check out the full change-log on its official Codex thread.

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