New Story and Character Details Emerge for Persona 5


This week’s Famitsu magazine (via Persona Central) has revealed some new story details for Persona 5.

You can find all of the information below:


Futaba Sakura

  • Sakura goes through a major change after she meets the protagonist. Hashino explains that her situation has special circumstances related to it and that she plays a pivotal role in the story

Makoto Niijima

  • Hashino explains that Makoto becomes a focus to the main story after the first incident at Syujin High School, where she begins to keep an eye on things. Due to her righteous nature, she doesn’t appear to be a person who would associate themselves with the Phantom Thieves.

Haru Okumura

  • Despite her elegant nature and great communication skills, she does not value human relations, and thus avoids forming relationships with other people.
  • Okumura appeared to have a very close relationship with her mother, a president of a restaurant company, but through her experience with other adults her views have been warped.


  • Johanna is Makoto Niijima’s persona and is based off of Pope Joan, a fictious female pope from the Middle Ages in Europe
  • Necronomicon is Futaba Sakura’s persona and it symbolizes an unknown force
  • Milady is Haru Okumaru’s person and is based off of Milday de Winter of the Three Musketeers


  • The beginning of the game consists of the protagonist confronting a man who harasses women, and is thus detained by the police for inflicting injuries on to the man. He is then sentenced to probation and soon afterwards becomes a Phantom Thief.
  • A woman in a suit appears with the name of “Sae Niijima”. We have no idea if she is related to Makoto.
  • The activities of the Phantom Thieves attract the attention of both the goverment and the police, with mysterious incidents occurring in the streets.


  • Like in past articles, the main cast use the mysterious “Isekainabi” app in order to infiltrate the mysterious world called the “Palace”. The Palace represents the distorted minds of adults, and our main casts goal is to steal a hidden treasure from the world in order to reform their targets.
  • Much like the previous two entries, Persona 5 takes place over a year, and will have many events like in previous games such as swimming, festival, social studies tours and school trips.

Interview With Katsura Hashino

  • The Picaresque elements will be present throughout the entire game in a way that players will find enjoyable.
  • Each persona is designed to resemble an outlaw, reflecting characteristics of the Palace. Each persona will require completely different ways from one another for them to evolve.
  • One of the big mysteries of the game will be why the Velvet Room resembles a prison.
  • The twin Velvet Room attendants, Justine and Caroline, act as the protagonists correctional officers. There is a reason behind their existence.
  • The game’s story has multiple “structures” that are difficult and expansive, allowing for a better feeling of immersion in the game’s world.

In case you missed it, earlier today three new party members were detailed for the slick new RPG from Atlus.

Persona 5 is slated to release in Japan on September 15th, 2016. A North American release date will be given at this year’s E3.

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