New Smelter “Forged in Hell” update adds boss rush mode and more


Publisher DANGEN Entertainment and developer X PLUS Company announced a new Smelter update was released, adding new gameplay modes.

The new Smelter “Forged in Hell” update is now available for Windows PC, adding three new gameplay modes. The update will come to the console versions “shortly.”

Here’s what the new update includes:

  • Action Mode: a modified version of the game which removes the strategy stages and allows players to play through the game in pure action-platforming mayhem, similar to Mega Man.
  • Boss Rush Mode: an unlockable mode that allows players to challenge all of the game’s tough-as-nails bosses in succession.
  • Classic Mode: the original version of the game, combining overhead real-time-strategy stages with action-platforming levels, similar to Actraiser.

Smelter was originally released for Windows PC (via SteamGOGHumble Store, and, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 back in April of this year.

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