New Princess Maker game featuring Karen revealed by D-ZARD

New Princess Maker

Korean developer D-ZARD has revealed their new Princess Maker game, which they’re producing via a previous licensing agreement with IP owner YONAGO GAINAX.

While details on the new Princess Maker game are scant, the developer is utilizing Live2D animation to please both returning fans and newcomers.

An agreement to develop the new Princess Maker game was signed by both D-ZARD and YONAGO GAINAX at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. Neither a release date or release platforms were confirmed.

Here’s a rundown on the new game:

‘Princess Maker’ is a PC game from Gainax that was sensationally popular in the 90s and is said to be the beginning of training simulation. It is a popular IP in Japan that has been loved worldwide since its first release in 1991, with five follow-up series being produced.

Live2D examples:

The main character ‘daughter’ of this new work has been chosen as ‘Karen’, who is receiving support from many users, and shows various growth processes depending on age.

Cube, a popular character that appears again in a new work

In addition to the previously known characters, attractive original NPCs that only appear in Dizzard’s Princess Maker will be newly created and play different roles in the process of raising a daughter.

New original NPC

This new work is being developed while taking advantage of the fairytale-like atmosphere and upbringing simulation feel, which are the strengths of traditional princess makers. In particular, the tradition of different illustrations depending on age is maintained, and by applying moving illustration effects, we are doing our best to inherit the original work and aim for higher quality.

Vacation screen

“We want to create a game that meets the expectations of fans of the original work who have been waiting for a long time to hear about the new work of Princess Maker,” D-ZARD CEO Kim Dong-hyun said. “We are doing our best to present a quality that will satisfy both existing and new users.”

Ending illustration?

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