New Pokemon Anime Revealed, Debut Trailer

The new Pokemon anime has been properly revealed, alongside its first trailer.

Thanks to the earlier leak and already publicized information, we knew some information already.

The series will be set across the entire Pokemon world, and a new character will be introduced.

The new trailer shows us the new series will simply be called Pokemon in Japan, and will see Ash traveling across the entire Pokemon world.

The new trainer is called Go (or Goh/Gou from ゴウ). While he is just starting out, his goal is to capture the mythical Mew, along with all Pokemon. That’s right: Go has gotta to catch ’em all!

The confirmed staff and studios include Makai Kodaira (Series Director), Daiki Tomiyasu (Executive Director), Shouji Yonemura (Series Construction), Suuhei Yasuda (Character Design), OLM (Animation Production), Mima Masafumi (Sound Director), and Yuuki Hayashi (Music).

The new Pokemon anime will air November 17th in Japan, as an hour long special.

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