New Pokémon and Team Skull Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

Leaks of the latest edition of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic (via Serebii) has revealed new information about the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon games.

Four new Pokémon were revealed: the Ghost/Ground haunted sandcastles Sunabaa and Shirodesuna; the pre-evolution of Bewear which is named Nuikoguma and still keeps the Normal/Fighting-type; and the Water-type fish Pokémon Yowashi, which can change between a Single or School Form.

There’s also new Alolan Pokémon revealed; the Alolan Meowth, with Dark-type and the Alolan Marowak, which will be Fire/Ghost-type.

The new antagonist team will be Team Skull, lead by a man named Guzma. The woman shown next to him is named Plumeri.

New Pokémon info will be available this Friday, with another reveal by the Pokémon Company. You can see all the new Pokémon and info on the gallery below.

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