New Official Trailer For Parkour-Heavy Isometric RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone

Some of you may remember last August when we covered Seven, an isometric RPG created by Fool’s Theory. Combining parkour-style movement, open world gameplay, post-apocalyptic themes, and a classic isometric viewpoint, the ex-Witcher staff members that populate Fools Theory certainly have all the bases covered. Thanks to the recent PAX event, we now have even more images and details to go along with what we learned then.

As you can see in the above video, the game takes place entirely in a prison colony, with the player assuming the role of a master thief who is limited only by the depth of his own morality. Able to go anywhere you please at any time, players in Seven will have complete freedom to explore the game’s world to their heart’s content.

Seven employs a real time combat system based upon combos and “locking on” of enemies while dodging ranged attacks. It’s certainly a fair amount more “Twitchy” than one would expect of an isometric RPG, but that may end up being part of its appeal.

Fool’s theory hasn’t given a release date for Seven other than “When it’s done”, so we can probably expect a long wait until we hear anything new concerning its development. Until then, curious fans will have to rely on the game’s official site for any news that may come trickling out.

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