New Layers of Fear Game Teased

New Layers of Fear

Bloober Team have teased a new game in the Layers of Fear horror game series, with a trailer suggesting links to the first game.

The original Layers of Fear saw players control an artist struggle to finish their magnum opus; the Masterpiece of Fear. Each time he tries to bring brush to canvas, he is assaulted by strange visions, and terrifying scenes.

Its sequel tasked players with being an actor, called for a role for a film aboard an ocean liner by an enigmatic director. Soon their own past and the strange demands to “become the character” push the actor to insanity.

The new teaser would suggest a return to an artist, and how someone he cares about seems to beg him not to finish his work. Yet, sometimes it encourages him as well. Bloomber Team state that they will “return to this universe;” and the tagline of “Your Fear Will Return” suggests the game will have narrative links to the first, if not both games.

The teaser trailer was made in Unreal Engine 5. Though currently untitled, Layers of Fear III would seem a likely candidate.

You can find the teaser trailer below


In earlier news, Bloober Team and Konami announced a strategic partnership. Rumors claimed they were working on a new Silent Hill game; however others claim it will be by a “prominent” Japanese developer. That same rumor also claimed the game would be announced in Summer 2021 however.

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