New HM070 Flip Lamptron LCD monitor reads temps and more in your PC case

Lamptron LCD monitor

Lamptron has recently announced the HM070 Flip, a new hardware monitor that uses a flip out screen that displays most of your PC’s components status.

The new Lamptron LCD monitor rounds up and displays readouts on things like CPU temp, clockspeed, even VRM temps or allotted GPU memory. For those in the know, the new Lamptron LCD monitor has full AIDA64 integration, no news if HWinfo64 is supported though which is a free alternative.

Lamptron’s previous model the HM070 Lift was retailing at around $320 and came with a key for AIDA64, which is about $50 per license. This new Lamptron LCD monitor should be around that same price considering similar specs.

This is a lot for a 7 inch portable monitor if you intend to use it on your desktop especially considering you could get a 12-15.6 inch monitor at 1080P for anywhere from $140 to $220, like this ASUS panel.

The idea of this thing flipping down and giving you CPU temps or GPU usage is a cool little bit of kit for the guy with a custom watercooling loop and the latest hardware.

The Lamptron LCD monitor also includes a remote control and is powered by a 5V micro-USB connector and uses HDMI for the video.

The language on the rest of the product page tells me very clearly it wasn’t written by a native English speaker so I will hit the important notes:

  • 7″ LCD screen display at 1024×600
  • Integration with AIDA64 (www.aida64.com)
  • PC hardware is monitored in real time
  • Mounted on the desktop or inside the computer case
  • Lamptron offers different user interface designs in a ZIP file
  • User Interface that is customizable
  • Boot on boot automatically opens and closed on shut down
  • 182.5mm*130mm*30mm

Here’s a rundown on the new monitor, from its product page:

HM070 Flip Lamptron LCD Monitor

In the age of technology, computers are no longer just black boxes for industrial and office use. Lamptron HM070 Flip combines with AIDA64 software to give you a more comprehensive understanding of all hardware parameters changes. It has a 7-inch LCD display that can display your own personalized information interface or replace your computer monitor.

Lamptron HM070 Flip combined with AIDA64 software can display all hardware parameters of your computer, including motherboard, CPU, GPU, memory, hard disk, video card, sound card, fan, etc.

Lamptron HM070 Flip is connected to your HDMI and USB ports. It requires your PC to have a spare HDMI port and support dual display mode. It can be placed on your computer desk or in your computer case. When it is in your computer case, it can be fixed in the PCI position of the case, or in other positions, because it is only 30mm thick!

Lamptron HM070 Flip has configured 5 different skins for you and is in constant update.

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