New Kickstarter RPG Bedlam Halfway To Goal

If you remember, during an article for post-apoc CRPG Crimea, I mentioned another game named Bedlam. Though they are both Kickstarter games and post-apoc themed, that’s basically where the similarities end.

Bedlam, which is a little over half of its stated $130,000 goal, is more of a hybrid roguelike/chess game than a dyed-in-the-wool CRPG. With randomly generated worlds and a mandatory perma-death system put in place, you’re guaranteed to have a different experience than what you’ve had with other post-apoc games.

Part of that difference can be seen in the vehicle you and your team run around the world in. the “Dozers” you use to go from place to place are basically your base on wheels. Like the headquarters you get in XCom, it’s where your group holes up until being deployed. As their quote from Feargus Urquhart says, “It’s Fallout on wheels.”

Part roguelike, part resource management and all CRPG, Bedlam intends to wiggle out of the usual post-apoc mold and do something different. If you like what you see, you can donate to their kickstarter project, which is only 11 days old as of this writing.

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