New Jobs, Race, and Raid Confirmed for Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward Expansion

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During the annual Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Fan Fest, Square Enix revealed some pretty awesome news for the game’s upcoming Heavensward expansion.

First up, the new playable race, the Au Ra, have been confirmed. You might’ve recognized Yugiri, who finally removes her mask in Patch 2.5, revealing herself to be an Au Ra herself. Their race comes from the continent of Othard, and the Au Ra sport a few reptilian traits.They have big horns on their heads, and patches of scaly skin throughout their bodies.

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A high end raid, Alexander, was revealed, The massive, long-forgotten mechanical fortress was previously used by the Goblins to house a primal essence. You can’t fight him directly, unfortunately, so to combat the Primal you have to enter the fortress itself.

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The new Astrologian job class was revealed. The support class is essentially another healer, utilizing the power of the stars to unleash powerful healing spells while also channeling energy from constellation-based divining cards. The cards themselves fly around the star globe, the Astrologian’s main arm, and they can be swapped up with various combinations for varying effects.

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Finally, it’s the Machinist job class. Unlike the Bard, the Machinist is purely a physical and ranged DPS class, with a focus on setting down mechanical turrets to assault your enemies from multiple vantage points. As your turrets unleash bullets towards your enemies, your Machinist is able to dish out the pain with their very own firearm.

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