New Info for PIllars of Eternity

PCGamer has conducted an interview with Obsidian’s Josh Sawyer where they talk about the Kickstarter-backed Pillars of Eternity and the reasoning for the design choices they’ve made up to this point.

Among the topics discussed is the combat and the inspiration behind the story, which according to Sawyer was dually inspired by Baldurs Gate’s Iron Crisis and the well regarded Mask of the Betrayer.

Also according to Sawyer, choice and consequence will play a large role within the larger framework of the game, with NPCs reacting to your character’s reputation accordingly.

Though that’s nothing new in modern CRPGs, it is one of those features that seems to have been “done better” in the past and Obsidian seems to be subtly suggesting their acknowledgement of that.

Though the interview is short it does have a few new screenshots (One of which is above this write-up) that haven’t been shown before, which makes it worth the read regardless of your interest.



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