New Harvest Moon Game in the Works for 3DS

harvest moon a new beginning ss 1

This week’s Famitsu has revealed a new Harvest Moon title that has been in development for the Nintendo 3DS. The title is Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land, and it’s being produced by Yoshifumi Hashimoto and sports character designs by Igusa Matsuyama.

In Connect to a New Land, you can play as a guy or a girl farmer in Oaktree Town, where you’ll live alongside NPC’s like the young and intelligent Fritz, madam Elise and old lady Edda.

Farming in the game is described as being even easier than in previous Harvest Moon games, but a new feature has you being able to go on a safari, where you can take care of animals.

You can also have fun at the local river and cast out a line to fish. There are some examples of new marriage candidates shown, their names are Ririe and Lega.

Apparently, development is already 80 percent complete, hence why it is slated for release in February of next year in Japan.

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