New Gameplay Details, Trailer for Akiba’s Beat

XSEED Games and Acquire has posted the first English information for Akiba’s Beat for E3. The new entry in the series is set in Akihabara, but will change up the formula a bit with a new action RPG battle system.

Akiba’s Beat is set for a winter 2016 release on PS4 and PS Vita. The story is centered on Asahi Tachibana – a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) living in Tokyo’s Akihabara district who ends up mixed up with a temporal loop where a single Sunday repeats. He’s joined by six other characters to search out and destroy any signs of “delusions” around the city to return it to normal.

The game will have two parts as the player unravels the mysteries surrounding Akiba. You’ll lead Asahi and friends around the city to question people about the strange ongoings around the area to track down the “delusions”. Then the team has to dive into “Delusionscapes” – fantastical dungeons where the delusions reside – to take them out.

The game will feature an Action RPG battle system that will put the player’s skill to the test throughout the faithful recreation of Akihabara, all centered around a constantly unfolding mystery deeply tinted with a good dose of fun satire.

Akiba’s Beat is set for a Fall release in Japan and a Winter release elsewhere, though both are subject to change right now.

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