New Gameplay and Details for Multiplayer in Gravity Rush 2

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia has shown off new gameplay for Gravity Rush 2.

The new gameplay debuted the multiplayer functionality in the upcoming PlayStation 4 action-adventure game, and it was shown off in a livestream. We’ve summarized (via Games Jouhou) the new details below:

  • You can do online events while in the middle of playing single player, and even confirm their locations on the world map.
  • The “Photo Review” feature lets you browse photos taken by other players, and it’s the first thing shown off in the gameplay. You can share photos and receive likes from other players in the form of “Dusty Tokens,” which you can also obtain by other means. You can get rewards with Dusty Tokens.
  • The “Treasure Hunting” mode lets you uncover various treasures on the world map, and players can leave hints for each other using photos.
  • The “Challenge Mission” mode lets you compete with the ghost records from other players around the world – you can even send text challenges.
  • The “Mine,” its enemy count and its level of minerals are calculated by how many players are participating. As you destroy minerals their value increases, and enemies will pop up. The enemies will drop “Talismans” that Kat is able to equip, which improve Kat’s stats.
  • “Lost Articles” can also be found in the Mine, which are some of the items you drop when being defeated while in the Mine. Upon death, you’ll drop half your Gemstomes, as well as other items. You can pick up Lost Articles from other players and keep them.
  • Gemstones are another resource you can obtain, later breaking them down to make more Talismans. They’re likened to a gacha-like mechanic.

Here’s a few recordings of the stream:

Gravity Rush 2 is launching in Europe on January 18th, Japan on January 19th, and in North America on January 20th, for PlayStation 4.



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