New Free Update for Galactic Civilizations III Makes AI Smarter and Tougher

galactic civilizations 3 11-02-15-1

While Galactic Civilizations 3 has been steadily updated via its exit from Steam Early Access in free updates, the game has recently gotten yet another update that further polishes the 4X strategy game.

The new 1.4 update (via PCGamesN) even further polishes the games artificial intelligence, making it more responsive to players who are running circles around the previous iteration of the game’s AI. Now, the bots will respond to players by more efficiently using governors, specialized planets, and more.

“We started looking at how these experts were playing the game,” Stardock said over on the GalCiv 3 forums. “Sure, stalking YouTube players may seem wrong but then again, people openly posting their strategies are fair game right? And with GalCiv III being a 64-bit multi-core game, we can toss a lot of computing power at the problem. So we did.”

The patch notes say the AI is a lot more adept at constructing worlds, and will be more observant of their armadas, as well as their budgets – trimming down their ship count if they go over-budget.

You can find Galactic Civilizations 3 here on Steam.



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