New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Details Emerge


In a recent Q&A session with director Naoki Yoshida, Famitsu got some dirt on the upcoming FFXIV patch 2.3.  We already reported on the patch here, but more details have emerged.

It’s already been revealed that Ramuh, no doubt familiar to FF veterans will be the newest primal, but what we now know is that he will drop various accessories, level 100 weapons and even a rare mount.  Naoki Yoshida went on to confirm that there will be a reward for gamers who collect all the primal mounts.

He also showed off concepts of the new marriage outfits (above) for players who wish to get married and then went on to talk about double mounts which I am guess are for those married couples.

This is all coming with the various added features and bug fixes that we already reported in the earlier article.  No release has been set yet for the 2.3 patch.

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