New Details, Release Window Revealed for The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2


This week’s Dengeki Online (also via Hachima) has revealed new details and a release window for The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2.

The upcoming sequel, first confirmed back in May of last year, is set for a winter 2017 release in Japan, on PlayStation 4. The game is directed by Kenta Asano, and has character designs by Madoka Hanashiro.


The game features an entirely new story, set in a different world as opposed to the first game, with the theme focusing on both “illness” and “witches.” While the Hundred Knight returns, the witch Cerca (featured above) summons him. There’s another girl involved named Amelie, who is joined by her sister.

Here’s a roundup of the characters revealed thus far:

  • Amelie (voice by Sachika Misawa) She’s the younger sister of Mimuru, and is part of the anti-witch group WR (short for Weissritter). She betrays the group in joining with her sister, who becomes a witch.
  • Cerca (voice by Megumi Han): She’s the appearance Mimuru takes on after fully awakening as a witch. While she has massive strength and powers, she basically does whatever she wants. She’s not fully awakened, so occasionally she reverts back to normal.
  • Funinmugin (voice by Kenjiro Tsuda): He’s Cerca’s familiar. Originally appearing as a crow, he was transformed into a butler to help around her lair with chores and cleaning.
  • Mimuru (voice by Megumi Han): The older sister of Amelie. Following contracting the “Witch Disease,” she develops a third eye on her forehead. After a plan of hers fails, she fully awakens as a witch.

Asano did an interview in which he talked up various things in the sequel, like how it came from the PlayStation 4 port of the original game. Due to the popularity of the original, they opted to make it a new series. He was chosen as a new director alongside a new protagonist, as the team considered Metallia’s story to be finished (Editor’s Note: the protagonist of the original game).

Both maneuverability and overall ease of play are being looked at heavily in the sequel, while the in-game mechanics will probably match the story very well. In regards to the story, characters from the original will not appear, as the game was previously mentioned to be in an entirely new world. The length of the game is expected to be the same if not larger compared to the first game.

While basic combat and actions are the same, the groundwork has been re-worked as mentioned before to make it flow better for players. Facets and tactic variety has been added in, and you can even switch between facets very quickly. There’s no new game modes, however the map is auto-generated, meaning you can explore the map as an element unto itself.



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