New Details, First High-Resolution Screenshots for Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan Game

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Koei Tecmo has given us a new look and the first high resolution screenshots for their upcoming Attack on Titan game coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Players can freely use 3D maneuver gear to attack titans in this game, which has “Tactical Hunting Action.” In our previous report, they were mentioned as having Omega Force work on an Attack on Titan game, but this is the first time they have officially announced it. As in the original work, humans are under attack by Titans, who seek to catch and eat them.

These menaces are opposed by Eren’s group, whose struggles to the death are shown here.

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The game’s genre is “tactical hunting action.”  In the game, you can use the 3D maneuver gear to engage in speedy action and enjoy forceful battle against the Titans. The voices for the game’s characters are provided by the same voice actors and actresses from the anime. The graphics in the game are generated using a “Physics Toon Shader” that will match the visuals of the game with those of the anime.

Visuals such as Trost District or the headquarters in Trost District are faithfully recreated as they were in the original with beautiful graphics. As time passes, the sun sets and rises and the weather changes. These happen in real time. The main mode features the content from the 2013 anime, allowing the player to vicariously experience it. The game’s drama is also being expanded by the large amount of scenarios designed to focus on the characters.

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Characteristics of the game

1. Tactical Hunting Action

The situation changes according to the battle conditions, including the player’s movement or tactics employed. It is a title with a large degree of tactical freedom, allowing players to boldly challenge gigantic bosses. The game offers battles that feel like nothing seen before, and the player’s actions and movement will greatly affect the course of the battle. This is the new shape of hunting action.

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2. Use 3D maneuver gear and body part destruction to suppress the Titans!

The player can freely use the 3D maneuver gear to move about in the air at will. This 3d maneuver action will help you get to your allies in a pinch and rush to an enemy when it is staggered. In order to defeat the Titans, you’ll need to hit them in their napes, which are their weak spots. Use the 3D maneuver gear to jump to great heights, from which you can attack. Destroy parts of the titans’ bodies such as arms and legs to knock them down, and then drive your blade into their napes. Bringing in destruction of body parts will thrill players with the mix of offensive and defensive play and further increase the amount of possible strategy in combat.

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3. The drama of the battlefield unfolds on a huge stage.

As with the original story, you can move about huge battlefield as you fight for various objectives. The progress of the battle will change as this happens, and the player’s conduct will affect the action. The game has many scenarios that focus on popular characters and dramatic developments. Fans of the original will be highly attracted to it.

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4. Vicariously experience the magnificent story of the original with advanced graphics!

Characters who played important roles in the original anime such as Eren or Mikasa will appear and they are voiced by the same voice actors and actresses that worked in the anime. The visuals generated by the physics toon shader will show off a “fusion of the anime world and the game world”.

Attack on Titan is shipping this winter in Japan, followed by sometime in 2016 for North America and Europe.

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