New Chinese Game “Fight the Traitors Together” Lets You Attack the Hong Kong Protesters

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A new game has surfaced from China amidst the growing tensions and protests between the People’s Republic of China government, and Hong Kong. The new game seems to be a bit of propaganda from the PRC, as it completely demonizes the Hong Kong protesters.

The new game, which China’s state-run Global Times is reporting is a hit title, is called simply Fight the Traitors Together. The game, which is playable via your computer or mobile browser, lets you shame and attack the Hong Kong protesters.

The game also notably includes cartoon versions of high profile Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong and Nathan Law. You can hit them with your hands, flip-flops, and even baseball bats. The game tries to echo PRC dogma, that the protests stem from “foreign forces,” like the U.S.

One of the most blatant bits of propaganda in the game is the western-looking characters offering lots of money to protesters to either kill police officers (which have been increasingly violent to protesters) or to just kill themselves.

It’s also worth noting the game was developed in the Cocos Creator creator, a multi-platform development suite. There is no direct publicly accessible confirmation the game was sponsored by the PRC, but it was quickly reported on by their state media.

There isn’t much chatter on Chinese social media for the game, which despite being heavily monitored and censored by their state department, still has human beings talking about day to day things. The game actually notes the growing violence and tensions in the protests.

The Hong Kong protests have been going on for months now, with millions of Hong Kong natives taking to the streets regularly to protest growing control Beijing has over the city-state. It began with the proposed extradition bill, which would let the PRC extradite HK natives.

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