New Character Revealed for HuniePop 2 – The Gold Digger Brooke Belrose

HuniePot has announced the latest character for HuniePop 2.

Featured above, the new lady goes by the name Brooke Belrose, and she appears to be quite the handful.

Here’s a brief synopsis of Brooke:

“Announcing: Brooke! That’s right. Not just one, but TWO sexy MILFs this time!
Brooke married a successful entrepreneur for the money and status, but feels nothing for him. Despite her age, she looks so young through surgery and botox injections. She’s Audrey’s aunt, by marriage.”

While this character is much less likely to cause a division and controversy, what do you all think? Sound off in the comments below!

HuniePop 2 is set to release 2019 on PC and Mac.



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