New Blackguards 2 Features Revealed In Video

Though a lot of the information presented in this recently released video is repeated from a video I reported on back in November, this new trailer reveals a couple juicy tidbits of gameplay that I hadn’t heard of until now.

The first, and probably biggest news, is that your party will have a camp where they can retreat to in-between combat missions. In this camp you can rest party members, talk to your group (Forming bonds in a strategy game?) and buy weapons from specialized vendors that tag along with you. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this camp is that you can interrogate prisoners that you capture. Looks like the developers understood what fans meant when we said the first game wasn’t “dark” enough.

Also of interest to fans of the original is that missing most of your melee attacks will no longer be an issue. According to the trailer, you won’t miss a target if you are standing directly in front of it on the map. They say they have made modifications to the internal system to allow for this, and while it might anger the hardcore fans who enjoyed the difficulty, it should bring a lot more folks into the game than it alienates.

Last, but not least is the inclusion of a castle-defending mechanism that allows you to protect claimed fortresses by placing traps and setting up pitfalls for the enemy. Since taking of territory is a huge part of the sequel, this was pretty much a given. Still, it’s nice to see.

Blackguards 2 is due roughly a month from now on January 20th, 2015.

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