New Attack on Titan Commercial with Gameplay


This new Attack on Titan gameplay is directly from Chunsoft themselves. I am getting some serious Monster Hunter vibes from this one.

In the story mode for you game you can control various members of the survey corps (mainly Eren) as you protect the city and hunt down the giant titans.  However, where this game starts to get really interesting is the 4 player co-operative mode called “World Mode”.  In this mode you create your own character, take on various missions, and earn better weapons and equipment as you go along.

The gameplay in this one looks fast and action packed and from the trailers and ads it looks to get down the way the 3D maneuver gear works pretty well from the anime.  The game launches on December 5th and there will be a free Levi DLC available for a limited time after launch.  Check out more gameplay below.


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