New Arms Gameplay Modes Revealed

During today’s Arms Direct, Nintendo detailed the fighter’s multiple game modes.

Beyond the previously announced Battle and 2-on-2 Modes, four new modes were revealed: V-Ball, Hoops, Skillshot, and 1-on-100.

V-Ball, Hoops, and Skillshot mostly follow the same pattern of being inspired by real like sports. In V-Ball, you basically play Volleyball (except with GIANT STRETCHY FISTS). In Hoops, you basketball, except the ball is replace by your own opponent. Finally, Skillshot is a sort of competitive shooting range where you and a opponent compete to break more targets with your bare hands.

1-on-1oo mode plays like it sounds: you fight off 100 enemies to win.

Alongside these multiplayer modes, some more single player offerings were detailed. Like most fighting games, ARMS will offer testing and training modes to find the characters and ARMS that suit you best. The main single-player mode, Grand Prix, offers 10 fighters for you to defeat.

When it comes to online play, ARMS will have two modes: Party Match and Ranked Match. Party Match can connect ten systems with two players each together, letting twenty players pair off into a variety of modes. Ranked Match, however, will only offer one on one matches.

Also announced were Local Wireless capabilities, working similar to a Party Match. Unlike that mode, however, only ten players can be connected at once.

Arms launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch June 16th.



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