Netflix smartphone ports for Grand Theft Auto trilogy get praised, fixes issues with original release

Grand Theft Auto trilogy

Netflix’s smartphone ports for the legendary PS2-era Grand Theft Auto trilogy were just released, and to much surprise they are being widely praised.

The original remastered ports, titled Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, have been available across Windows PC and all other modern platforms.

In comparison, Netflix’s smartphone ports seemingly address the main issues with the remasters by reverting the graphics to the original look and feel, while also providing staple remaster upgrades like improved lighting, shadows, and more.

Here’s an initial look at the Netflix port for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:

Many other fans commented on the Netflix remasters noting that not only do they outclass the Rockstar-developed remasters, they’re probably not coming to consoles or PC.

Here’s another comparison between the Netflix remaster (left) and the Rockstar remaster (right), from a fan:

Both our thorough review and many fans discovered the classic games were not only given a remaster lacking in features, but the new graphics removed the authenticity of the remasters.

Rockstar Games noted the new smartphone remasters include “additional improvements” ranging from the above visuals plus a “new Classic Lighting mode” that they say “restores the look and feel of the sky in the original games.”

The original Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition release came a few years ago and got immediately panned for its shoddy release, Rockstar apologized and promised updates for the classic games.

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