Netflix Reveals Anime Adaptation for Japan Sinks: 2020, Led by Devilman Crybaby Director

Netflix have revealed they will be adapting classic Japanese novel Japan Sinks, with Masaaki Yuasa directing (Devilman Crybaby, Space Dandy, Ping Pong: The Animation).

Released in 1973, the original novel (written by Sakyo Komatsu) sees the Japanese people flee their homeland as the country is set to sink in ten years. As politicians plead foreign governments to accept the refugees, a marine biologist discovers it will occur much sooner- within a year.

Netflix’ adaption, Japan Sinks 2020 will instead take place shortly after the Japanese Olympics. The story will also be less focused on the geographical science and the fate of Japan as whole, focusing on brother and sister Ayumi and Go Muto and their family.

Yuasa stated he wanted this work to challenge himself to find answers that he had since he was a child. “What makes a country,” “what makes someone Japanese,” what decides the borders of where you come from,” and “can those borders even be decided?”

The 10 episode series will be animated by Science Saru, with Kensuke Ushio working on the score. Naoya Wada will handle character design, Toshio Yoshitaka will be the scriptwriter, and Kiyoshi Hirose will act editor.

This is not the first time the novel has been adapted. The first film adaption Tidal Wave was released in 1973the year of the novel’s release. Sinking of Japan was released in 2006. A parody was also released the same year Everything Other than Japan Sinks.

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